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Kay Fairchild, Stepmother (From July 22nd, 1940)

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You're Listening To The WBBM Air Theater, Wrigley Building - Chicago.....

Well okay, more than likely that's not how EVERY episode started but.....

FEATURED Kay is concerned & troubled about the strange behavior in John as he faces the prospect of losing his job & the thought of it is affecting his pride

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Plain Bill - Trip To Huckleberry Hill

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FEATURED The reading of the last will & testament of Evelyn Groves is over. Bill & Terry Donovan return home from Huckleberry Hill rather disturbed & are left wondering if one of Evelyn's beneficiary's is her murderer. Terry doesn't blame Bill for not saying who he thinks the murderer is without proof

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Houseboat Hannah (From June 16th, 1939)

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FEATURED Hannah's Dad & Becky say goodbye to Abe Finkelstein as he leaves town on a business trip to New York. Becky will stay with Hannah on the houseboat while Abe is away although (Unbeknownst to Abe) problems exist with the portacactus door

Meanwhile Becky has fallen in love with Professor Borden
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hilltop House (From September 21st, 1939)

FEATURED Captain John Barry's Sister-In-Law Gwen causes a noticeable change in John himself even though she's only been in town a few days as John has become mundane, restless & disturbed. Nevertheless John flatly refuses to tell Beth ANYTHING about Gwen since he hates Gwen & blames her for his brother's death.

Yet despite the fact that Gwen married John's brother, she remains in love with John
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hearts In Harmony Episode 1380 (July 12th, 1946)

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FEATURED Penny doesn't know of the strange things going on behind her back nor does she know about the mysterious meetings between Professors Tobin & Garfield or of Garfield's meeting with Jeri Manson in New York

Meanwhile Penny & Grace discuss Penny's upcoming wedding with Parker while Garfield & Jeri scheme a plan to keep Penny from marrying Parker

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guiding Light

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FEATURED Ted & Meta Bauer argue over the camping trip with Chuckie but Ted thinks the trip may simply be a cover for the real reasons behind Meta's marital insecurities by suggesting that Meta might be using Chuckie as a "Means To An End" by getting a divorce & take Chuckie with her

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Goldbergs - Money For Seeds (From March 18th, 1938)

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FEATURED In the previous episode (Not archived here), Molly proposed a plan for the Ladies Of Laxemberg for funds. The plan was to sell sunflower seeds since Molly's boarder Mr. Cuerta has a friend in the business

The women were so wildly enthusiastic about the plan they decided to name the seeds in Molly's honor. But before the seeds can be sold, they have to be bought & paid for. In order to do this, everyone put their last few dollars in the mill

Monday, March 14, 2011

Front Page Farrell (March 13th, 1942)

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FEATURED Leslie plans to resume working after the bandages are removed from his eyes as Sally Farrell is busy making plans for the future by launching HER OWN career as a working woman, thus relieving her of David's dependence so he can enlist in the Armed Forces

Meanwhile Leslie confronts David about the smashed statue

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Frank Watanabe & The Honorable Archie Episode 001 (May 21st, 1934)

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FEATURED In the first episode of this show, the Honorable Archie prepares for a night on the town

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Eternal Light (October 15th, 1944)

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From our friends at OTRCat.....

FEATURED A World War II propaganda soap opera (Dubbed as a Public Service program by NBC) focusing on religion in war-torn Europe

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy Aces Episode 284

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FEATURED Jane tells Ace about her conversation with Ethel about a joke but the joke could be on them when Ethel confronts the Aces & is hardly laughing

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dr. Kildare Episode 001 - Angela & Steven Kestner (February 1st, 1950)

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FEATURED Angela is afraid Steven will kill her & Kildare determines she may be suffering from a nervous breakdown

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Doctor's Wife (From September 25th, 1953)

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FEATURED Dr. Palmer threads his way through a bunch of children at the candy shop near Stanton General Hospital. As he does so, he calls his wife, who pretends not to be herself in case Dr. Palmer called, from a phone booth.

During the conversation, he tells her he's taking over another case - An car accident victim named Herbert Irvin, who's more concerned more about his mother than anything. Meanwhile Herbert's mother feels guilty about the way she's treated him lately

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dear John

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FEATURED In Letter 48 of Book 4, Faith Chandler's heart is turned toward her loved ones in America (Miles Novak & Michael Murray in particular) while she chats with David, whose heart is towards his loved ones in England which is where the ship she & David are both on is headed. Upon arrival, she is invited to stay with Miles, who also, to the surprise of Faith, arrives in London, & his grandmother

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Couple Next Door (From February 10th, 1958)

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FEATURED The couple keeps getting phone calls about their house being for sale when in fact it's not. They suspect (Among many other things) that the newspaper printed the wrong phone number

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Claudia (From September 29th, 1947)

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FEATURED David & Claudia Naughton come home to Claudia's mother, Mrs. Brown

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